Modellen syns inte i Solibri

Håkan Nyander -

Solibri Model Checker (and Solibri Model Viewer) use technology and features of the computers display cards and require OpenGL support as stated in our system requirements. Some of the display drivers officially state supporting OpenGL but have still some limitations. In many cases updating display driver software to the latest version helps. If however this does not help we want to do our best efforts to support you if you have problems of this kind. Please send some information about your computer. In Solibri Model Checker (or Viewer) go to File -> Help. Push 'Copy to Clipboard' button in the bottom of the page, and paste the information to your email to us (

Go to File -> Settings -> 3D  and select the Performance tab. Turn  'Optimize Rendering Speed' option OFF. You have to restart SMC after that.

If this doesn't help, please contact us again.

We are collecting information about computers (graphic card drivers) having problems. That’s why it is very valuable to us to get some information about problematic cases.
Best Regards,
Solibri Support Team
Solibri, Inc.
+35810 548 6800
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