Tips: Hur du snabbar upp stora projekt.

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Ofta kan ArchiCAD-projekt bli väldigt stora. Då är det vanligt att man använder en separat fil till layouterna. Men dessa kan också bli väldigt tunga att uppdatera. Då finns det ett tips att man kan lägga ut PMK-filer i layoutboken, istället för att ha vyerna från de olika filerna länkade in.



Use of PMK Drawings


Due to size and speed issues, very complex or large projects usually do not have a master file that contains all the drawings. Consequently the building model is stored in multiple project files (some of them can be Teamwork files; others can be simple ArchiCAD project files that refer to hotlinked modules). There are two ways to import the drawings into the documentation file.


Drawings are saved individually as PMK files and linked to the ArchiCAD documentation project file. In this case there is no direct link between the model file and the document file, so the drawings on the layout do not automatically reflect the changes in the model file. This method is only recommended if the PMK files are rarely updated, or if the automatic drawing update from the model file is too slow. This might be the best solution for very large projects with extensive documentation sets. If this method is used, the BIM Manager or Documentation Manager must control the saving and linking/updating of these PMK files.

Manually Saved PMK Drawings Linked to the Document File


Drawings are imported into the Layout Book directly from one or more building model files and other external file sources (DWG, DXF, PDFs, image files, PMKs, etc.). For a very complex building, the documentation file can also be subdivided into two or more parts for easier drawing management.

PMK Drawings can be Saved Automatically from the Publisher

This is a complex system but very powerful, and in some cases may be the only way to handle large projects. Where complex documentation structures are used in the office, it is crucial that the BIM Manager/project leader develop the proposed file hierarchy and distribute this to the project team members prior to starting the documentation.

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