[Löst i hotfix 5005] ArchiCAD 17 långsamt när man kör två ArchiCAD samtidigt.

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UPPDATERING: Detta problem är löst i hotfix 5005.






Freeze or slowdown while running multiple instances

by KatalinBorszeki, updated 2013-08-29 • RefID: 156754 • ArchiCAD17 • Open



Slowdown or freeze can happen while having multiple (2 or more) ArchiCAD instances running side by side. In such cases the data of the navigator can be exchanged, thus it is possible to place one drawing into another running project.

  • pdf error



There is an issue with handling dwg publisher sets in ArchiCAD 17, which requires ArchiCAD to go through each element to be published. 



Until the final solution is released, any of the following can help:

  • Have only one ArchiCAD instance open
  • Disable the communication between two ArchiCAD-s. This will result in some features being unavailable (placing drawings in another project e.g.) To disable interprocess communication (IPC):
    • Edit the registry with preference setter software as PrefSetter or RegEdit. Open ArchiCAD's main settings plist:

      • OSX: ~/Library/Preferences/com.graphisoft.AC-64 17.0.0 GER v1.plist

      • WIN: Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\GRAPHISOFT\ArchiCAD-64\ArchiCAD-64 17.0.0 INT R1\IPCConnection

    • Browse for IPCConnection and set the disable key to true

  • Restart ArchiCAD
  • Temporarily set all publisher sets to PDF (e.g.) and only change them back to DWG or DXF when you are publishing elements

{i} Note: This issue will be fixed with a Hotfix in ArchiCAD 17


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