Viktig information angående IFC exoprt från Tekla.

Håkan Nyander -

I would like to inform you about a very important fact related to ArchiCAD 15’s collaboration with other applications.
It is also important for the forthcoming Build London Live 2012 (21-23 May)competition too!
1.       ArchiCAD 15 – Tekla Structures 17/18:
The problem is that Tekla Structures implemented the new CV2.0 (IFC 2x3 Coordination View version 2.0) as its default export type standard.
And, CV2.0 has been not yet certified at any application by buildingSMART. And so, CV2.0 is not available in ArchiCAD 15. AC15 can import models saved in CV1.0.
There are some differences in geometry export of elements edited by solid element operations between CV1.0 and CV2.0. That issue causes data-loss at some elements, so it is very dangerous to open CV2.0 exported files now in AC15.
I pushed Tekla to reset back the support of CV1.0 at their export, and fortunately – some days ago – they solved the request and release  support of CV1.0 is now available in their products.
So, please, inform your clients or teams participate on Build London Live 2012  who use Tekla Structures – about using only the following versions of Tekla Structures:
-          Tekla Structures 17 SR(Service Release) 2 or older version (Tekla added CV2.0 export to TS17 SR3)
-          Tekla Structures 17 SR6
-          Tekla Structures 18 SR1  
2.       ArchiCAD 15 – Other structural/MEP applications:
Unfortunately other applications – such as DDS-CAD MEP and Nemetschek Scia Engineer – are also able to export via CV2.0 (although they have not got certification for it) besides their CV1.0 support.
So, please, also inform your clients/teams always export IFC according to CV1.0 in all structural/MEP applications.
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